Tangerine Aged Pu-erh

Caffeine: Medium

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100g Package - Makes 30 Cups!

Perfect for those seeking a refreshing twist on traditional tea, discover the bold fusion of flavors in our Tangerine-Aged Pu-erh tea. The rich, earthy notes of aged Pu-erh blend seamlessly with the citrusy zest of tangerine, promising a revitalizing and unforgettable tasting experience.

  • Unique citrus and earthy blend.
  • Aged inside of the tangerine!
  • Refreshing twist.

    Serving: 3 tsp/Cup; Makes 30 Cups

    Temperature: 212℉

    Steep Time: 3 mins

    Tangerine Aged Pu-erh Opened
    Tangerine Aged Pu-erh
    Tangerine Aged Pu-erh Close Up
    Tangerine Aged Pu-erh Tea in a Cup

    Tea Details

    Tangerine Pu-erh is a masterful blend of robust tea and zesty tangerine, perfect for those seeking warmth and flavor during chilly days. Originating from a tradition of blending tea with fruit, this tea offers a sensory experience that is both aromatic and flavorful. The meticulous process behind this tea ensures a harmonious fusion of the robustness of tea and the zest of tangerine, making it a sought-after choice for tea enthusiasts.


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