About the Founder: A Journey from Tea Novice to Aficionado

In a world where many default to coffee or soda for their caffeine fix, I found my solace in tea. As I began my tea journey, like so many others, I was faced with the common pitfalls: bewildered by the myriad of choices, occasionally duped by misleading blends, and the trial and error of brewing. It's a journey that has taught me to truly savor and appreciate every cup.

Fast forward to today, I've taken those lessons and created a platform for tea lovers, both beginners and experts alike. My passion for tea goes beyond just sipping; it delves into the mechanics and artistry of tea-making itself, fueled by my background as an engineer.

-Jeff Gutterud

Why Avant Tea?

Embarking on your tea journey shouldn’t be a game of chance. I've been where you are, and I know the challenges. That's why every feature on this site, from the Tea Finder Quiz to our curated Sample Packs, is designed with precision, helping you navigate the world of tea with confidence.

When you select from our range, you're choosing more than just tea; you're opting for an experience. Where every tea leaf we offer is meticulously sourced for authentic taste, while our resources empower you with knowledge and ensure convenience from selection to sipping.

I embarked on this venture not just as a business but as a mission to share the joy and profound beauty I see in every tea leaf. Join me on this journey and rediscover tea, as it truly should be.

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