Milk Oolong Tea

Caffeine: Medium

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100g Package - Makes 30 Cups!

If you're a fan of natural milky and floral flavors, this delicious Milk Oolong Tea from Taiwan is perfect for you! 

  • Naturally sweet and creamy flavor.
  • No dairy or added flavorings!
  • Evokes floral notes with a milky scent.

    Serving: 3 tsp/Cup; Makes 30 Cups

    Temperature: 205℉

    Steep Time: 3 mins

    Milk Oolong Tea
    Milk Oolong Tea Close Up
    Milk Oolong Tea Extracted

    Tea Details

    The Milk Oolong Tea is a classic representation of Taiwan's esteemed oolong teas. Often referred to as "milk oolong" due to its inherently sweet and creamy taste, this particular tea stands out for its genuine milky aroma and flavor, achieved without any added flavorings. Cultivated in the Shi Zhuo Tea Garden, nestled between elevations of 1000 and 1500 meters in Alishan, the tea benefits from a monsoon climate and slightly acidic soil, resulting in tender leaves and a mellow brew. The unique characteristics of this tea are a testament to the rich tea-growing heritage of Ali Shan, one of Taiwan's most renowned tea regions.


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