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Keemun Black Tea

Caffeine: High

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100g Package - Makes 30 Cups!

If you're looking for a bold but smooth tea to kickstart your day, this entry-level Keemun Black Tea with its fruity taste and mellow aftertaste is the perfect choice.

  • Among China's top black teas.
  • Unique "Keemun Fragrance" with fruity floral flavor.
  • Handmade in Keemun's historic Qimen region.

Serving: 2 tsp/Cup; Makes 30 Cups

Temperature: 195℉

Steep Time: 3 mins

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Keemun Black Tea
Keemun Black Tea
Keemun Black Tea

Tea Details

Keemun Black Tea, known as Grade 2, stands as a testament to China's rich tea heritage, ranking among the nation's top black teas. Originating from the historic Qimen region, this tea boasts the distinctive "Keemun Fragrance", a unique fruity floral flavor that sets it apart. The tea's journey began in 1875 when Yu Gancheng, a former bureaucrat, introduced black tea processing to a region traditionally known for its green teas. The meticulous crafting process and the tea's unparalleled aroma quickly garnered international acclaim, solidifying its reputation as a tea of distinction and expertise.


Best tasting tea I've ever had! Never knew what I was missing compared to the prepacked junk I've been used to. Thanks Avant Tea!

Michael U.

I never knew which tea to choose. Avant Tea’s beginner-friendly guides and Tea Finder Quiz was a game-changer. My first sips were never so satisfying.

Matt Rojas

I'm WAY digging the body vibes that come along with Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea! Thank you Tea Guru!

Austin J

Your tea is lovely.

Nate Parman

The team at Avant Tea helped me kick my coffee habit and find a healthier alternative at a cheaper cost. Tea is delicious and I'm feeling healthier.

Lory Passov
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