Avant Reserve White Tea Cake

Caffeine: Low

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100g Package - Makes 30 Cups!

Tea lovers who enjoy a refreshing sweetness and a distinct pekoe aroma will find Avant Tea's specially-made 100g white tea cake perfect. Its mellower taste improves with age—simply break off a piece and enjoy.

  • Harvested from core white tea production areas.
  • Sweet, soft, smooth flavor with a distinct aroma.

    Serving: 4 tsp/Cup; Makes 30 Cups

    Temperature: 205℉

    Steep Time: 5 mins

    Avant Reserve White Tea Cake
    Avant Reserve White Tea Cake
    Avant Reserve White Tea Cake

    Tea Details

    Avant Reserve White Tea Cake is a testament to the rich heritage of white tea production, specifically sourced from the core areas in Waizha village, renowned as Chaitou Mountain. This tea cake, weighing a convenient 100g, stands out from the usual 350g or 357g white tea cakes. The liquid it produces is characterized by its sweet, soft, and smooth nature, accompanied by a distinct pekoe aroma. As time progresses, this tea will evolve, offering a mellower and richer taste, showcasing the depth and expertise behind its creation.


    Best tasting tea I've ever had! Never knew what I was missing compared to the prepacked junk I've been used to. Thanks Avant Tea!

    Michael U.

    I never knew which tea to choose. Avant Tea’s beginner-friendly guides and Tea Finder Quiz was a game-changer. My first sips were never so satisfying.

    Matt Rojas

    I'm WAY digging the body vibes that come along with Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea! Thank you Tea Guru!

    Austin J

    Your tea is lovely.

    Nate Parman

    The team at Avant Tea helped me kick my coffee habit and find a healthier alternative at a cheaper cost. Tea is delicious and I'm feeling healthier.

    Lory Passov