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Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

Caffeine: Medium

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100g Package - Makes 20 Cups!

This Taiwan high mountain oolong tea has a refreshing and floral aroma, and a bright light yellow liquor. It is a must-try for those new to Taiwanese high mountain tea, as it is an excellent example of the lighter, more floral taste that is characteristic of this type of tea.

  • Distinct floral and light oolong.
  • Grown at elevations above 800 meters.
  • Sweet, smooth profile with savory undertones.

Serving: 3 tsp/Cup; Makes 20 Cups

Temperature: 205℉

Steep Time: 4 mins

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Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea
Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea
Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

Tea Details

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, cultivated at elevations surpassing 800 meters, offers a flavor profile distinct from its Fujian counterpart, marked by a lighter, floral essence. This particular tea is a prime representation of high mountain oolongs, delivering a sweet and smooth taste that evolves into a savory richness in subsequent steeps. Grown in the Baoshu Ecologic Tea Garden in Mingjian Township, the tea benefits from fertile red soil and consistent fog, conditions that are ideal for producing teas of exceptional quality. The dedication to organic farming practices further ensures a pure and delightful tea experience.


Best tasting tea I've ever had! Never knew what I was missing compared to the prepacked junk I've been used to. Thanks Avant Tea!

Michael U.

I never knew which tea to choose. Avant Tea’s beginner-friendly guides and Tea Finder Quiz was a game-changer. My first sips were never so satisfying.

Matt Rojas

I'm WAY digging the body vibes that come along with Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea! Thank you Tea Guru!

Austin J

Your tea is lovely.

Nate Parman

The team at Avant Tea helped me kick my coffee habit and find a healthier alternative at a cheaper cost. Tea is delicious and I'm feeling healthier.

Lory Passov
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